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Global Relief

Global Humanitarian Relief Day (GHRD)
as ABC4All counts up to 11/11/11!




CLICK! to read more:  http://ghrd.abc4all.net

DATE for the 24-hour Campaign KICKOFF in every time zone in the world to be followed by monthly webcasts! ABC4All is releasing MANDATED ACTION for What The World Needs Now: The FOREVER Campaign for Global Humanitarian Relief


April 27, 2011 GHRD #362!

Music for Our Ears:  CLICK! for CNN iReport: Jazz For Peace (JFP)/ABC4All join together to bring GHR to the World! JFP Nominated for Social Innovation Citizens'Award - Please CLICK! to VOTE! http://bit.ly/VoteNow4JazzForPeace

Initial Goal to Bring Well WaterTM advanced life-saving technology for water to Haiti where 1000 people a day are dying from the cholera epidemic predicted to last 20 years.

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