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Dear All,

After reading this reply from David about my efforts and hard work or even call it success, I felt like I'm really changing those lives and impacting them my own little way. I want to thank God for giving me the energy and the partners. Thirst Relief International - USA, EWB-USA and all those that are working with Life and Water Development Group - Cameroon, I thank you so very much and wish that God should give us long lives to continue saving lives.

Thank you very much Njousi David for your writeup and I strongly believe that we will make it happen.

Happy New Year to all,

Peter Njodzeka

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Dear Peter,
Great to learn about your exploits. Keep on the good work. More power to your elbows. When you stopped contributing for some time now I knew you were up to something great. I am glad you ended not with a wish list. Cameroonians must take their destiny into their hands. Everybody in his/her fief should find out what he/she can do to get himself/herself out of this impasse. The time of manna had passed. The ancients won't let go. So we must by-pass them and move on in our own way. The old and the young do not speak and understand the same language. We perceive the same object differently. The old claim that what they can see sitting down, the young cannot see same even if they were to climb the tallest tree. Many are those who have gone before us marked with the sign of peace. Many are those who languish in pain without someone to attain to them. And many are those who have no where to turn to in order to avert disaster and the pain that goes with hunger and the lack of attention. Yet we wait. Yet we are patient. Our patience has turned many into patients yet live goes on all the same. Afterall, who cares about all those who are out of the highway.
Peter, what do the kids call you? Many children here call me Papa. I have grown grey yet I pass for a youth because my elders keep telling my generation to wait for our turn to come. If live expectancy in Cameroon is limited to 55 then its a shame. I will have to go away very soon without having participated in the governance of my people. I wonder when they will be able to understand that children in my neigbourhood call me Papa and look up to me for parental support. When will they come to understand that this is a land of promise and a land of glory whose wealth no tongue can tell? If this is paradise in miniature, then why must most of the children thereof suffer and die in pain?
You see, what I have been crying for is an enabling environment for entrepreneurship to take root. Let us have viable political institutions and not make believe ones. Let us make our constitution credible by not toying with it. The truth is that Government can only employ some of the youths and in our case they employ only those who sing their song. I do not sing at all. I have a hoarse voice. I am physically fit but politically handicapped. So what do you expect? Inertia, drunkeness and selfless abandonment. So many of us are just corpses that are waiting to be burried because the energy has been drained off our systems. We wait. We want and we wish someone like you could bring back the lost glories that went away when we ceased living. We are dying for a messiah. We are dying for role models. We need another dose of patriotism which is void of the mascarade that we now witness from day-to day.
We need a Born-again Cameroon where the lion and the lamb will sit and shape the destiny of God's people so that we can once more be in union with the saints.
Thank you Peter.
Njousi David


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